Digital Marketing

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities

  • Course Duration4-12 WEEKS
  • Course Start27 Jan, 2022
  • Course Fee6900 USD

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Master the art of digital marketing with our extensively designed digital marketing certification. Packaged inside a detailed program, this digital marketing course helps you understand the basics of digital marketing and implementing the techniques to get record-breaking ROI.

The part-time and flexible nature of this digital marketing bootcamp at UBootCamps is what makes it stand out. The course is endorsed by leading universities and is a massive step towards your progress in the digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp at UBootCamps

The changing marketing dynamics means that digital platforms are overpowering the traditional channels of marketing. A successful business must know how to use the modern digital platforms smartly to get the desired result. Our digital marketing bootcamp introduces you to the concepts of digital marketing and trains you to implement these concepts in the highly competitive digital world.

Key Features

Getting a digital marketing certification helps you show employers that you have clear understanding of the core digital marketing concepts. It also helps you grow your business using your newly found digital skills. With hugely interactive projects and actionable lectures lined up, here are some core ingredients of the course you can look forward to.

Real-World Projects

This course is specifically designed to be interactive and actionable. The comprehensive guide to digital marketing covers the different advertising techniques and their application. Each learning section is followed by real-life projects that test your understanding of the concepts and how you intend on implementing them.

We believe that imparting bookish knowledge is not enough; this is why we ensure that candidates signing up for the certification are aware of the real-life applications of the concepts. Search engine optimization, Facebook and YouTube marketing are all real-life examples of digital marketing that help spread a positive word about your business endeavor.

Expert-Led Instruction

We take immense pride in introducing the top minds of the digital marketing world as our instructors for the course. These instructors use their experience and knowledge to train you in the craft of digital marketing preparing you for what lies ahead.

Instructors for this course are professionals who have been through it all in the domain. With real-life market experiences and sound knowledge of digital marketing up their sleeve, these instructors ensure that you get the hang of digital marketing during the course tenure. Since the course is designed specifically for beginners and new entrants of the industry, our instructors ensure to simplify the concepts for the students.

Professional Portfolio Development

Track course achievements and progress using our personalized professional portfolio development program. Utilize instructor’s feedback to work on areas of the course that need your immediate attention. Our professional portfolio development program also helps you identify areas that require immediate attention. Identifying strengths and working on your weaknesses is the only way you can conquer the digital marketing world.

Career Placement Services

The digital marketing industry is progressing at a rate of knots and there are multiple doors open for graduates to try their luck. Our counselors and coaches sit down with students and discuss the potential course of action for their future growth and success.

The coaches sit down with aspiring students and discuss what they’re looking to achieve through the course. Once that is clear, the counselors discuss future career paths and determine the right pathway to success in that career.

Flexible Online Program

All professional marketers looking to enhance their skills do not have the time to opt for physical on-site education. Acing and regularly attending a synchronized program is challenging for a busy professional.

Signing up for our course helps you get the digital marketing knowledge you’re looking for in a convenient and comfortable manner. You can access sessions from our instructors whenever and wherever you want, without sacrificing other commitments and risking career prospects. Additionally, students can pick a pace they want based on our convenient course offerings and finish the course in a timeline that is suitable for them.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Bootcamp

This digital marketing bootcamp carries a number of benefits for aspiring professionals in the field of digital marketing. The course can be the source of the following benefits;

Learn Practical Skills

The course plan we have prepared spreads over 12 modules, broken down into different parts for everyone to understand. The primary objective of the course is to impart practical skills in participants and help them understand the true value of digital marketing in this contemporary era.

Marketing trends are changing and so are the expectations required from professionals in the field. We take the acquired learning of marketing in business professionals forward and polish it with the disruptive digital marketing trends present around us today.


This digital marketing course provides a certification to everyone who is part of the course. The certification acts as a proof of your talent and helps you forward your case in the professional market around you.

This certification can be a standalone qualification to enter the digital marketing industry, or could be coupled with a number of certifications to get the required results. The certification can be your key to unlocking a career in the digital marketing industry. The market is ripe with opportunities and there is a brilliant opportunity for all our participants to take their case forward.

Advance Your Career

Professionals who are already in the industry and want to advance their career forward can also benefit from this digital marketing bootcamp. Many marketing professionals who completed their marketing majors at the start of this century or late last century aren’t well aware of the digital marketing trends around us today.

This certification acts as the perfect opportunity for all such individuals to further their knowledge of marketing in the global word and form a link between it and online marketing.

Who Should Attend Our Digital Marketing Bootcamp Courses

The digital marketing bootcamp is meant for professionals in a number of industries across the corporate world.


The learning for this digital marketing bootcamp begins from scratch. It is recommended that people with a prior background in marketing take this course up, because of the overlap between the two. The information in this course is easier to understand for both beginners and professionals that have prior experience in the industry.

The good part about this digital marketing bootcamp is that it does not require a certain prerequisite before starting the learning process.


The audience for this digital marketing course consists of professionals and newbies looking to develop their skill sets. As the world of marketing changes and the corporate world transitions to the digital era, it is necessary that businesses reinforce their digital teams with the right talent.

This requirement for digital marketers has created a desire in professionals to update their skills set with the right digital qualifications. This course acts as a conduit for that by building the perfect base for digital learning.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

We understand that not every student has the same amount of time and effort to give for their online digital marketing bootcamp. Hence, we have broken the training into different time-specific variants.

4 Week Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The 4 weeks digital marketing bootcamp is for everyone on a tight time schedule. The 4 week course introduces you to major trends in the digital marketing sphere without delving too deep into them.

12 Week Digital Marketing Immersive Training

This 12 weeks immersive training course spans over 3 months and is more comprehensive in nature. This course still tries to encapsulate as much as knowledge as possible within 12 weeks, which can be tough for some to keep up with.

24 Week Digital Marketing Master Course

This 24 week digital marketing master course is the most comprehensive learning schedule and focuses on elaborate concepts over speed. This option is preferable over the others due to the strategic pace of learning and the focus on elaborate concepts rather than just speed.

What You Will Learn

This comprehensive course manual will help cover a number of key areas concerning digital marketing and will build your knowledge in the following concerns:

Digital Marketing to Drive Business Objectives

Digital marketing is a primary method of driving business objectives today, and this course introduces you to the imperative role it plays here. Digital marketing brings in traffic, generates leads and closes customers. The course helps uncover ways in which these objectives sit within your strategy.

Development of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Most marketing professionals today are always on the lookout for ways to develop effective digital campaigns. This course helps you in this endeavor and sets benchmarks for developing strategies within your budget.

Customers Acquisition with Digital Marketing

Customer engagement and acquisition are the two primary objectives of a digital marketing campaign. This digital marketing bootcamp will take a look at customer acquisition strategies using the internet as a marketing tool.

Customer Retention with Digital Marketing

Customer retention is the need of the hour today as businesses look to find loyalty within the sea of competition around them. Digital marketing and engagement techniques taught within this cause can help brands build customer retention and generate loyalty from customers.

Analysis and Optimization of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns need to be frequently optimized and analyzed for success in the industry. The course teaches participants the importance of optimizing campaigns and the right way to do so.

Introduction to Digital Marketing Tools & Platforms

There are a plethora of digital marketing tools and platforms available online. All of these tools carry their own efficiency and utility. This course introduces participants to these tools and develops the right techniques for using them.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Curriculum Glimpse

The curriculum for this bootcamp is broken down into 12 convenient modules. The modules will be covered based on the pace of the learning program you opt for.

The first module will look at the fundamentals of digital marketing and the characteristics that define it in the disruptive economy of today.
The second module takes a closer look at target audiences online and the ways to generate insights related to them. This module discusses the spotlight approach online and its importance in the long run.
Communication and collaboration are both important parts of digital marketing. This module delves into the role of collaboration in strategizing your digital goals.
Digital marketing can best be understood by going over the multiple tools that help track and achieve metrics. This module runs through the different tools of measuring and tracking growth online.
Digital marketing is highly focused on data and is in fact driven by insights and feedback generated through customer data. This module looks at data driven marketing.
Your website is your storefront online and should be optimized through content and authentic graphics to show on search results online. This course looks into the concepts behind website and search optimization.
Content marketing is the go-to tool for marketers to bring traffic to their website. This module idolizes the role of content as king and focuses on effective techniques.
There are a number of paid forms of search engine marketing, which can help you reach the top without the hours of organic work. This module introduces you to these techniques.
Social media marketing is the holy grail of the digital world. Most of your lead generation and customer acquisition methods are to be focused here. This module introduces social media marketing.
With digital marketing it is easier to track and analyze results. This module looks at the facts behind result analysis and studies them carefully.
Digital marketing managers need to ace their communication and collaboration skills for success in the market. This module looks at these skills and how to develop them.
Good leadership is just as important in digital marketing as it is elsewhere. This module emphasizes the role of good leadership and focuses on some leadership essentials.

Digital Marketing Career & Salary Insight

The digital marketing avenue is open for digital marketers and fresh graduates to try their luck. Some of the graduate careers in digital marketing open for graduates of this course currently are:

Develop Your Skills at our Digital Marketing Bootcamp

You can develop your skills forward at our digital marketing bootcamp. Some of the reasons to join are:

  • Develop a website from scratch and focus on productive SEO strategies that will help it rank well on search engines.
  • Plan the content development process and branding of a website in conjunction with its target audience.
  • Create a long term plan for optimizing and delivering quality content.
  • Use proven digital marketing strategies to turn visitors into leads and customers.
  • Use social media platforms together with your website to bring in traffic and ensure engagement.
  • Look at problems through an informed lens and find solutions to complicated issues.
  • Develop an expert understanding of online sales channels and how digital marketing can be used to drive revenue.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketing Bootcamp FAQs

What Is Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

This digital marketing bootcamp is an introduction to the world of digital marketing for marketing professionals and new enthusiasts

Are Digital Marketing Bootcamps Worth It?

Digital marketing bootcamps can help launch you in the digital industry and help you get the kind of jobs and opportunities you’re looking for.

Can I Find A Job After Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

You most definitely can search for jobs after a digital marketing bootcamp. The career opportunities listed above are open for.

Who Is This Course For?

The information in this course is easier to understand for both beginners and professionals that have prior experience in the industry. However, it is recommended that people with a prior background in marketing take this course up, because of the overlap between the two.

How Do The Tuition Payments Work?

The payments are broken into easy sums for everyone to manage

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program is right for you if you want a simple and flexible opening to the world of digital marketing.

What Is Included in the Digital Marketing Course Tuition?

Your course tuition includes classes that cover all modules, career placement advice from counselors and a certification.

How do I earn a Digital Marketing certificate of completion?

You can get a certificate of completion upon passing the course.

Is the course conducted online or in person?

That is based on your own preferences. You can go for an online or hybrid model based on what you prefer.